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Who can join and become ALLFLIRTY.COM member?
Anybody who claims is over 16 years is welcome to become a member of ALLFLIRTY.COM

Do we check members' profiles?
After you confirm your account by clicking on the link available in the welcome email we have sent you upon sign up, the account is activated and you can create your profile and upload your pictures. All newly created accounts and such with updated profiles are checked and thoroughly reviewed by support team before they go public. That's why save your and our time and do not upload abusive text and nude, erotic or pornographic pictures because will not be approved and your account will be terminated immediately.

Will my privacy be protected if I become ALLFLIRTY.COM member?
All disclosed to ALLFLIRTY.COM upon sign up personal information is kept and saved private in strict confidence.

What does it cost?
ALLFLIRTY.COM subscription and further online dating does not cost even a penny. It is absolutely FREE as a smile!

How do I contact you?
You can contact our support team here: support@allflirty.com

I am sure I have specified my email correctly, however up to now I have not received my Welcome email.
If you are sure the email used is the correct one, please check in your bulk folder and double check that you did not apply any rules for spam protection on your email box.

I have received my welcome email but my account is still not active, why?
ALLFLIRTY.COM verification system works in the following way. After you have successfully subscribed the system sends you an email with verification link inside. Upon clicking on the link your account is automatically created and you are able to log into your account using the username and password you have specified during the sign up process. If the link does not work, please copy and paste it inside a browser.

*How do I know the verification link worked out and verified my account.
When you click on the link a browser will automatically open ALLFLIRTY.COM web site that says 'Your profile/e-mail is activated!', this is a definite sign your account is activated.

*I have successfully verified my account by clicking on your verification link and was able to login and create my account's profile, however all details and pictures does not show, is there something wrong I did? / I have changed my profile's details but still see the old one, why is that?
Initially when you create or just edit your profile before it is visible online an administrator should approve it. If several days passed and still you do not see your profile or updates it might be due to abusive or not accepted texts or pictures.

I have lost my password. What should I do?
You can use our password retrieving tool. It is located HERE.

* The validation key is active for 24 hours only!



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