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Online dating is most probably one of the safest of all other ways of dating. It can be more dangerous to date a person you picked up in a bar or on the street. However this rule has its exceptions. To ensure you pleasant stay with ALLFLIRTY.COM online dating service, we have prepared several rules we definitely recommend you keep in mind. Please read thoroughly the tips below and take them into consideration when you date online.

  • Do not disclose any personally identifiable information in your online profile i.e. phone number, email address.
  • Always use the communication tools and/or messaging system when you want to get in touch with any of the members.
  • Be careful with your signature that may contain your personal information.
  • Never give your work email address even when you think is safe and would like to start emailing the person previously flirted using the message tools.
  • Use free email service especially created for emailing people you know from online dating.
  • Watch out and be very careful when somebody is looking too good to be true.
  • Request a photo before any further actions, which will give you advantages based on the person's appearance.
  • Talk via phone before real personal date, which will reveal much of the person's communications skills.
  • Be careful with persons that might be showing anger or try to pressure on you.

  • Break off the online relationship with persons that:

  •       - Cheat about age, appearance, sex, marital status, habits, employment so on
          - Fails to give definite answers of your questions



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