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Dear Ladies,

ALLFLIRTY.COM dedicated team based on our efforts and experience in online dating, love and relationship have prepared several of the basic rules and tips how you can make a man want you and have a good and pleasant relationship with. We have extracted some of these advices by asking our thousands of male members what they are seeking when having a relationship with a woman.

  • Always have in mind that you have one chance to make good impression on him.
  • Give him a reason to think about.
  • Wear nice fragrance that will obsess his memory.
  • Wear clothes that he will like to touch.
  • Smile in a way he won't be able to get out of his mind.
  • Laugh in such a way he would love and haunts his hearing.
  • Make sure your voice is unique and please his ear.
  • Flirt gentle by sending signals of your interest through the body language.
  • Let him know you are different, emphasize this by your appearance, intelligence and behavior.
  • Do not pretend you are anyone than your fabulous yourself.
  • Leave something for his imagination. Do not show and say everything right away.
  • Be provocative.
  • The women's appearance and body might catch a guy but your personal charm and intelligence will sustain his interest.
  • Make him feel good when you are around him.
  • Touch him but not too much.
  • Do not call him first, he should do the first step.
  • When he calls do not talk more that 10 minutes.
  • Make everything possible for him to feel needed.
  • Do not be negative, men do not like women who has more problems than them.
  • Take care of the man, they also like to see somebody is thinking about them.
  • Be careful what you say about other women, especially if she is beautiful.
  • Be appreciative when he have done something to please you.
  • Avoid one word answers like "yes" or "no". Participate in the conversation.
  • Do not interrupt him during conversation, let him be the man and finish.
  • Smile a lot when you are with him and look at the positive point of view.
  • Do not force a smile if the guy does not make you smile, change the guy.
  • Never say you do not like your body or appearance, if you do not respect yourself, he won't do it either.
  • Take care of him, but do not leave the impression you act as his mother. Let him know what you think and give him the opportunity to take the decision.



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