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Dear Guys,

ALLFLIRTY.COM dedicated team have prepared some of the basics and very important rules and tips, how to make a girl want you.

These rules are also created for those men living with the illusion that having a beautiful woman by you requires luxury car and big salary. Afore mentioned will not definitely reduce your chances, however there are certainly more important advantages you should hold to attract woman's attention and gaining her heart.

By keeping in mind all those simple rules you can be more effective in your relations with women.

  • Always be original in your approach on women.
  • Try to show and offer something that she never been offered.
  • Starting a conversation ask her about her name and use it during the conversation. If interested she will ask you about your name too.
  • Try gathering as much information as you can about her habits and then base the conversation on this.
  • Use her name during the conversation, this will get you closer to her.
  • Always be polite with women and take into consideration their feelings.
  • Never loose eye contact this will make here feel away from you.
  • Compliment her about her outlook, clothes earings, bracelet and all little details she made for somebody to notice.
  • When she e talking to you do not look at her body but keep eye contact.
  • Make sure you are not the only one calling her.
  • Wait for her to call and/or contact you when you get online. If you spot that she is trying to get off the phone or get offline, she might trying to get away form you.
  • Don't be clingy and leave her space.
  • Talk about her, about her day and what is interested in.
  • Try to find the intellectual side of the woman and not straightly going to the sexual side.
  • Make her think she is special and never let her know you are interested in her friend and/or other female.
  • Don't push her or try to do anything. Get to know each other before starting any action or relationship.
  • Don't be picky or nervous, leave the impression on her that you are easy going person.
  • Finally, always act with high spirit and never show you are bored or sad!.



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