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3 iranian engineer are going to a conference along with 3 US engineers.In train station US ones buy three tickets and Iranian only one."how 3 persons travel with 1 ticket?"ask Us engineers."Wait and see" answerd Iranian.
They get on the train to the same cage.befor the ticket collector come,iranian go to the on of the WCs together.ticket collector comes and knocks the door "ticket please.".a hand comes out and gives the ticket and he goes."Well.that's so simple" US engineers say. after the conference US engineers do the same while the iranian don't buy any ticket."how u can travel with out any ticket?" USs asked."Wait and see" .
after they get on the train,befor ticket collector coming,USs go to the WC to gether and close the door.after a while one of the iranian knocks the door and says:"ticket please."

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